After signing up in Planable and completing the onboarding process you'll be able to create a new company to start creating content. The typical workflow is to create a company, then add the logo, invite people, create your first workspace and then connect the pages in the workspace.

Where do I start?

Is it your first time in Planable? Awesome, welcome on board! 

First, let's create a company. Click on the "New company" button in the left corner. Company accounts is a way to organize your resources (workspaces, pages, collaborators and clients) in your Planable dashboard.

Add a name & logo. 

Choose what best describes your activity. This will help us organise your company and give you the best onboarding experience. You can choose between an agency, if you manage multiple workspaces, and a brand, if you manage one workspace only. 

Then invite your team into the company account. It helps you add people to your "company" which will automatically add them directly in the new workspace when you create them (instead of manually adding the user each time). 

Afterward, create a workspace, add a name and then connect all the social accounts you need (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). 

Now, you're ready to start collaborating. Below, you can see a demo Facebook carousel with comments and internal notes. You can write a comment on the right side, each comment is separate for each and every post. 

You can write a comment on the right side of the post to collaborate, exchange feedback, give ideas and discuss the post with things like - "let's change the hashtag, emoji, caption or media file". 

After that, you can ask for approval from your teammates or clients. 

Then, you can easily schedule the post to social media. 

That's it, now you're ready to build a global brand on social media using Planable! If you have any questions or issues, please reach out anytime to our team using Intercom (green icon, in the right bottom corner). 

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