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Suggest an idea & recent updates
Suggest an idea & recent updates

Find out how to suggest an idea, access our Public Roadmap and see all future updates.

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In the spirit of transparency, we thought we'd share a peek into our product roadmap over time. This is not a commitment to all of these features, the further in the future it is, the less certain and locked in it is.ย 

You can vote on our feature ideas - we may use a number of votes to determine the need for it for our users, but they're by no means a guarantee. We're also working on a few things that we can't talk about โ€“ as soon as we can, we will.ย 

Access the Public Roadmap by going to the help button, then "Suggest an idea" or access directly the following link -ย 

Submit your ideas or vote for the ones you'd love ๐Ÿ’š

See all the recent updates in Planable

You can always see all the updates, improvements, and fixes made in Planable. Even though we work day and night on Planable, sometimes it may seem that there are no updates on the product. The changelog is here to improve this experience and make sure you know what's new in Planable.

You'll always receive an update in the widget when we add something new, and you can also check all past updates on our public changelog page.

Suggest your idea๐Ÿ‘‡

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