We've added a new integration for your Instagram business pages to finally make Instagram Scheduling simple. This enables you to publish posts directly (single image format). No more mobile push notifications in the middle of the night.

⚠️ Note that direct publishing via Buffer works only with image feed posts. Other formats are coming soon. Stories, and posts with multiple images, or videos can be published as usual via mobile app and push notifications.

To set this up you have to follow a few easy steps and then never worry about it again:

1. Go over to Buffer and create an account *

2. Link your Instagram page to Buffer

3. To enable direct publishing, head over to your page settings in Planable (hover over the Instagram icon and click on the settings gear icon βš™) and connect your Buffer account.

4. Schedule your Instagram posts in Planable and it will automatically be published through Buffer.

*Find out more details about Buffer's plans and pricing right here.

Start testing Planable πŸ‘‡

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