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Here is how you can access and use our New Analytics feature.

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Introducing Planable Analytics

We're excited to announce the launch of Planable Analytics! This feature provides a comprehensive view of your content performance, aggregating key metrics in one convenient location.

Accessing Analytics

It's currently available for Facebook pages, Instagram professional accounts, LinkedIn company pages, and TikTok Business accounts.

*You need an active paid subscription to access the trial

To access Analytics, navigate to the 'Views' tab and select 'Analytics' from the dropdown menu.

Platform-Specific Insights

Currently, Analytics supports three platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For each platform, you can view a range of statistics within your selected timeframe.

Facebook Insights:


Number of Page Posts



Page Views

Instagram Insights:

  • Followers

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Engagement

  • Profile Visits

LinkedIn Insights:

  • Followers

  • Posts

  • Impressions

  • Engagement

  • Page Views

TikTok insights:

  • Followers

  • Video views

  • Profile views

  • Engagement

Customizable Time Frame

Easily adjust the time frame for your analytics dashboard via the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the Analytics frame.

Top Performing Content

Under the 'Top Performing Content' tab, discover your top 3 posts in terms of Impressions or Engagement for the selected page.

Content Overview

The 'Content' tab presents a comprehensive view of all your posts, including those published or synced with Planable. Here, you can assess how each post performs across different statistics.

The numbers highlighted in blue show you the best performing post on that specific metric.

You can also filter your content, depending on the metric that you are looking at, to see the best performing post or even the one that needs more improvement, so you can structure your strategy and rase more Impressions, views, engagement and so on.

Detailed Post Insights

Clicking on a post brings up a detailed view of its social media statistics.

Planable Analytics is here to streamline your social media analytics, providing real-time insights for effective content management and strategy.


Planable Analytics comes as an add-on for your workspaces and it will be paid separately of your actual subscription.

The price for Planable Analytics is: $9 USD/ Workspace/Month or $90 USD/ Workspace/ Year

Start using Planable Analytics πŸ‘‡

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