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Request approval from all users

How to request approval from all members

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As you know, Planable allows you to collaborate with your team on social media content and schedule it ahead of time. But we also understand the importance of having an approval process in place, so that you can ensure the quality and consistency of your brand’s message.

Previously, you could request approval from one of your collaborators. But now, we’ve taken it a step further - you can request approval from all approvers at once! This is particularly useful for workspaces where you have Optional or Required approval set up.
So, what does this mean for you? It means that you can now have all approvers review and approve the content simultaneously, saving you time and streamlining the approval process. No more waiting for individual approvals and tracking down feedback from each collaborator.

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To use this feature, simply go to the approval process section and select whether you want to request approval from one single user, or all approvers at once. It’s that easy!
We hope this improvement to our approval process feature will help make your workflow even smoother and more efficient. As always, we’re committed to making Planable the best social media scheduling and collaboration tool out there, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and make improvements accordingly.

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