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Setting up accounts for multiple clients.
Setting up accounts for multiple clients.

Here’s a guide to help you set up your clients in Planable.

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Creating an effective onboarding process for your clients as an agency using Planable can significantly enhance collaboration and streamline your content planning and approval workflows.

Planable Workspaces

A workspace is a collaborative place for your brand's social media content. Where you can create, review, collaborate, publish posts and keep everyone in the flow.

One workspace may be used for one client.

If you have 3 clients, it means that you need 3 workspaces

Create a workspace

You can create a workspace by clicking on the "Create a workspace" button in the Dashboard.

Connect a Page

Now that you've created the workspace, it's time to add your client's pages.

At the moment, you can connect:

  • Facebook Pages

  • LinkedIn Personal Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Instagram accounts

  • Twitter accounts

  • Google My Business Locations

  • YouTube channels

  • TikTok accounts

  • Pinterest (only business accounts supported)

First, go to "Add Pages".

Select one social media channel you want to connect to (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok).

Afterward, click on "Add Pages" and follow the instructions when adding a page to your workspace and click on the page to confirm the connection. Then your page will appear in the workspace.

Inviting your Clients

Once the workspace is set up, you can invite your clients to the workspace. You can send invitations via email directly from Planable, making it easy for clients to join and start collaborating, or invite them by generating an invite link.

The Client membership is not available on the Basic PLAN

Manage permissions

We created the simplest roles in Planable, for every one of your teammates or client in the fastest way. You can invite collaborators for every workspace, different for each.

  • Invite someone as "Guest", the user will be able to see the content only

  • Invite someone as "Writer", the user will be able to create & edit posts, and leave feedback

  • Invite someone as "Contributor", the user will be able to create & edit posts, schedule & publish and leave feedback

  • Invite as "Approver", the user will only be able to approve and leave feedback

  • Invite them as "Administrator", they will have the rights for scheduling & publishing, inviting people and connecting pages.

  • The user who created the workspace is the “Owner” by default.

Also, you can easily manage their permission and grant them only the ones they need, such as Approve, Edit, Publish and Administrate.

After doing all of the above, you are ready to create the content, collaborate on it with your team and clients and schedule it on the desired platforms.

Best Practices for Client Onboarding

Initial Training Session:

Conduct a training session with your clients to familiarize them with Planable’s features and functionalities. Highlight how they can provide feedback and approve content.

Provide Resources:

Share helpful resources and guides from Planable’s help center to support your clients as they navigate the platform.

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