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Invite & manage users
Invite & manage users
Find out more about managing users and people in Planable
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Keep your team and clients on the same page. Keep everyone in the loop with one shared space for your team and clients to collaborate. Empower everyone to contribute while giving each user just the right permissions. No sign up needed for clients. Easy sharing with an email invite and approvals a click away.

When you're ready to invite a client, click Add / Remove People button in the right top corner. 

Afterward, you'll have to add their email, name, select Permissions and Membership. You can also create an invite Link that can be accessed by multiple people to create a user for each of them.

Manage permissions 

We created the simplest roles in Planable, for every one of your teammates or client in the fastest way. You can invite collaborators for every workspace, different for each. 

  • Invite someone as "Guest", the user will be able to see the content only

  • Invite someone as "Writer", the user will be able to create & edit posts, and leave feedback

  • Invite someone as "Contributor", the user will be able to create & edit posts, schedule & publish and leave feedback

  • Invite as "Approver", the user will only be able to approve and leave feedback

  • Invite them as "Administrator", they will have the rights for scheduling & publishing, inviting people and connecting pages. 

  • The user who created the workspace is the “Owner” by default. 

Also, you can easily manage their permission and grant them only the ones they need, such as Approve, Edit, Publish and Administrate.

Remove users from workspace

If you added a team member/client by mistake or the user is no longer part of the team, you can remove the user from your workspace. First, go to Add / Remove People (here's how), then click the 3 dots options menu and select "Remove user". 

Change workspace owner

By default, the user that created the workspace has automatically the "Owner" status in the specific workspace. If you want to change the ownership of your workspace, go to Add / Remove People (here's how) and then select "Set as owner". This action is irreversible. 

If you switched the ownership by mistake, message our team by using Intercom (green icon, right bottom corner) and let us know about that. 

Assign as team or client membership

All of your users have two types of memberships in your workspaces - Team or Client. When inviting or selecting a user as "Client" you'll have the option to create internal notes and posts, here's more about that. It will allow you to create posts & comments not visible for your Clients. 

You can assign team membership when inviting a user. 

  • Team can view internal and external posts and comments. 

  • Client can only see external posts and comments. 

Additionally, you can set users as team & client in the 3 dots options menu.

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