What are company accounts?

Find out more about companies, how to set them up, how to invite collaborators in the company and how to find invoices.

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Company accounts are a new way to organize your resources (such as workspaces, pages, collaborators, and subscriptions) in your Planable dashboard. Workspaces are part of companies and a company can have one or more workspaces. 

You can create as many company accounts as you’d need and each account has its dedicated billing plan and collaborators.

Company accounts are designed to save you time by sharing access to all workspaces with your collaborators. And give them the ability to create additional workspaces under a single account & unified billing.

How are companies different from workspaces? 

A workspace is where you keep all your content and your people in one place. One workspace is one brand or one of your clients (if you are an agency or freelancer). Whereas a company is a place that has all of your workspaces in one single place and helps you better organize them. 

You can invite all the team collaborators directly to the company and they will be automatically added to all the workspaces you create. 

How to create a company?

Click on the "New company" button in the left corner. Company accounts are a way to organize your resources (workspaces, pages, collaborators, and clients) in your Planable dashboard.

Add a name & logo. 

Choose what best describes your activity. This will help us organize your company and give you the best onboarding experience. You can choose between an agency if you manage multiple workspaces, and a brand, if you manage one workspace only. 

Then invite your team into the company account. It helps you add people to your "company" which will automatically add them directly to the new workspace when you create them (instead of manually adding the user each time). 

Upgrade company

When you're ready to upgrade just click on the "Upgrade" button next to your company account and then select the plan that fits you best. 

When upgrading to a plan, you can add company billing details. Add a name, last name, company name, country, zip code, address, and billing email address. As part of our terms of service for consumer plans, we do email invoices per billing cycle or you can find them in your company account in the billing settings. 

If you upgraded by mistake or would like to request a refund please reach out to our team anytime using Intercom (green icon, right bottom corner) and we'll help you ASAP. 

Add, manage & remove company collaborators

Sometimes you might be overwhelmed by the number of workspaces and people you've added in a very short time, but here's a simple way to see how many people you have left to add. Just click on the arrow next to the company name and then click "Highlights". 

You'll be able to see how many workspaces & people you can add in total or upgrade your plan if you need more. 

You can invite all the team collaborators directly to the company and they will be automatically added to all the workspaces you create. 

Afterward, add the email and the name of the teammate, and choose their role. 

There are three available roles in the company account 

  • An administrator can manage workspaces, people, and billing plan

  • A writer has editing access to all workspaces, but can't create new workspaces or invite people 

  • The billing manager, can manage the billing plan, change payment details, cancel the plan or see invoices. 

Remove company collaborator

If you want to remove a collaborator from the company account you can easily do that by going to "Invite collaborators" in the dashboard (see above) and clicking the "three dots" button next to their name. 


Our payment processing system is automatically managing & processing all of your invoices and saves them directly in your account. If you want to see & download your current invoices, please go to the company "Billing" section.  

It's a place where you can find out more about your current plan, expiration date, and payment methods, you can change the credit card you're currently using, see or download your past invoices.

Create your first company 👇

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