Company accounts are designed to save you time by sharing access to all workspaces to your collaborators. And give them the ability to create additional workspaces under a single account & unified billing.

You can invite all the team collaborators directly in the company and they will be automatically added to all the workspaces you create. 

Afterward, add the email and the name of the teammate, and choose their role. 

There are three available roles in the company account 

  • An administrator can manage workspaces, people, and billing plan

  • A writer has editing access to all workspaces, but can't create new workspaces or invite people

  • The billing manager, can manage the billing plan, change payment details, cancel the plan or see invoices. Remove company collaborator

If you want to remove a collaborator from the company account you can easily do that by going to "Invite collaborators" in the dashboard (see above) and clicking the "three dots" button next to their name.

Add a company collaborator 👇

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