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Understanding Billing in Planable
Understanding Billing in Planable

See how your billing gets adjusted every time you add or remove a user/workspace.

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Planable is a content collaboration, planning, and approval tool that lets teams create, schedule, and publish content together. As your team grows and your needs change, you may need to adjust your plan and add more users or workspaces. This guide will help you understand how billing works in Planable and how to manage your billing information.

Adding Users and Workspaces

When you add a new user or workspace to your Planable account, you will be immediately billed for it and your plan will be adjusted accordingly.

The amount you are charged depends on the number of users or workspaces you add and the plan you are currently on.

You will always be charged a pro-rated amount for the remaining time on your billing cycle. If your billing date is on January 1st and you add a new collaborator or workspace on January 15th, you will be charged half of the amount for the remaining 2 weeks until your new invoice on February 1st.

Removing Users and Workspaces

If you remove a user or workspace from your Planable account, you will receive credit for the unused time for that specific user or workspace. The credit will be automatically applied to your account and used on your following invoices, reducing the total amount you have to pay.

If you have credit on your account, that amount will first be charged yo pay for your next invoice. If the credit you have doesn't cover the full amount of your next invoice, you'll be charged for the difference.

For example, if you have a $100 credit on your account and your next invoice is $150, the $100 credit will be applied and subtracted from your total, and you'll be charged the rest: $50.

Managing Billing Information

You can manage your billing information, including your payment method, billing address, and billing history, from the Billing tab in your Planable account settings.

You can also view your current plan and the number of users and workspaces on your account.

If you have any questions about your billing or need help managing your account, you can contact Planable support for assistance.

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