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Find out more about the profile settings, change the hour format, email preferences, name, avatar.

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Profile settings are a space for you to modify & optimize your account in the best possible way for you and your team. Click on your account name in the right top corner and then select "Profile Settings". 

You can personalize your profile and edit all of the following settings:

Hour format
Choose between 24 hours or AM:PM.

Week starts with
Choose between Monday or Sunday. 

Email Updates
We'd love to keep you updated via email with product and feature announcements, promotions, educational materials, and events. Our updates focus on relevant information and never sell your data to marketing companies. See our Privacy Policy for more details. Tick this to receive email updates. 

Export data
Save all the information created by you or related to you in Planable (posts, comments, workspaces, pages etc.). Select this to export your data. 

Remove my account
Close my Planable account and erase all my data (posts, comments, workspaces, pages etc.). This action is irreversible. Select this if you want to remove your account.

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