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Change your profile and cover photo
Change your profile and cover photo
Find out how you could change you Planable cover and profile photo 😊
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The cover photo is the first thing your customers or friends see when they click on your business page or your personal profile on various platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter Linkedin, or Google Business Profile. It makes the first impression about your company and becomes a key player to create your brand identity.

We get it, sometimes you just want to test various cover and profile photos to see which one would suit your profile best, however, you do not want to test this publicly. You could however easily test them using Planable πŸ₯³

All you have to do is to select the page you want the cover/profile photo to be changed for, then hover over the Social Media icon, and press the settings button:

Then, from the setting menu you could easily change your cover photo:

From the same menu you could also change your profile picture:

*Please note that the changes will only apply to your Planable account, and any modifications made will not reflect on the actual social media platforms.

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