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Connect an Instagram account

Find out how to link any type of Instagram account in Planable

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With Instagram, things are not as straightforward as with other social media platforms.

In this article, we're going to cover all scenarios and explain why you might have trouble adding a new Instagram account to Planable.

There are 3 types of Instagram accounts:

  1. Personal profile

  2. Business account

  3. Creator account

When you log in to Planable and go to "Add pages" you'll see you have two options:

Add Instagram business pages

In order to have access to direct publishing you need to meet the following requirements*:

  • Have an Instagram business page (not a creator account)

  • Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page

*Check out how to meet this requirements here

For these accounts, you have to select "Add Instagram business pages". This will take you to give access to your Instagram page through Facebook.

If the Instagram page doesn't show up for you to give access to here's what you can do:

  1. Go to your Facebook page settings, to Instagram, and check the connection between them. If it's asking for you to "Review the connection" follow the steps to confirm the connection:

  2. Troubleshoot the connection: Go to Business Integrations on Facebook, delete Planable as one of the apps (this won't affect any of your posts)

    Then try again to add pages in Planable. Make sure you tick all the boxes for all the pages in all workspaces you're managing and give Planable the right to "post content on your behalf" to schedule & publish posts.

Add Instagram profiles

If you have any other type of account (creator account, personal profile, or business account that is not linked to a Facebook page) you'll be able to publish through our mobile app.

To connect these types of accounts, you'll select "Add Instagram profiles" and you'll give access to Planable through Instagram, using the credentials for each account.

If you need to connect multiple accounts, make sure to log in each time with the new account you want to add.

Connect your Instagram account 👇

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