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How to enable or disable Instagram direct publishing
How to enable or disable Instagram direct publishing
Find out when you'd need to Instagram disable direct publishing and how to do it
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In this article, we're going to talk about how you can enable or disable direct publishing for your Instagram posts.

The option can be enabled only for Instagram business accounts that are linked to a Facebook page.

How to enable direct publishing

If you previously added a page that didn't meet the requirements, but have either switched the account type or connected it to a Facebook page in the meantime, you're able to "Authorize" the account in order to enable direct publishing.

Once authorized, direct publishing will automatically be enabled.

How to disable direct publishing

Direct publishing is unfortunately not supported for Instagram Creator accounts. If you connect this type of professional account in Planable and don't wish to switch to a business account, you'll need to disable direct publishing.

In your workspace, go to your Instagram page settings, and turn off "Direct publishing to Instagram"

Enable IG direct publishing πŸ‘‡

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