Due to Instagram API limitations, your Instagram page needs to check 2 things in order to gain access to direct publishing.

In this article, we'll explore both of them and walk you through the steps to meet these requirements.

1. Have an Instagram Business Account

There are 2 types of Instagram accounts:

  • Personal profile

  • Professional account

A professional account can be a business account or a creator account. The only type of account supported for direct publishing is a business account.

You can easily switch the type of account you have from your Instagram settings.

From your "Settings", search for "Accounts" and go to "Switch account type"

Once there, be sure to select "Switch to Business Account"

2. Link your Instagram Business Account to a Facebook page

The second step you need to take is to connect your Instagram Business Account to a Facebook page.

Log into Facebook, and go to the page you'd like to connect Instagram to. Once there, on the menu on the left, go to Settings and then scroll until you find "Instagram"

There you'll see the option to connect an Instagram account. Simply click the "Connect account" button and log in with the credentials for the Instagram account you need.

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