UPDATE: You can now publish directly to Instagram all feed posts for business accounts.

With our mobile app, you can schedule all sorts of Instagram posts for personal profiles and stories for your business pages via reminders on your mobile device.

Publish Instagram Posts from the Planable Mobile App 

No matter the content, size, and format Planable will help you easily publish Instagram posts via mobile notifications. First, you'll need to create a post from our web app. Afterward, please download our mobile app and sign in. Also, see a GIF below. 

  1. Allow Planable to send Notifications, it will let you know when it's time to publish posts

  2. Tap "Publish Now" 

  3. It will automatically copy the caption in your post

  4. Allow Planable access to your photos, this will allow Planable to download the posts' photo to your mobile device and upload it on Instagram 

  5. The Instagram app will open 

  6. Tap "Next" 

  7. Long Press to paste the caption 

  8. Add tags, locations, and any other details. 

  9. Tap "Publish Now" 

Important! If you did not enable the notifications in the beginning, you can do this by going to Settings > Notifications > Planable > Allow Notifications. 

Start testing Planable 👇

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