Create, plan & preview your favorite Stories for Instagram with your team directly from Planable. Now you can edit them directly in your browser and craft beautiful stories on the web. 

Start adding your first story now

All you need to do is go to your Instagram page and then click "Add story". 

However, you can also create a Story by going to the "Compose" (new post) window and select Story. 

When creating a story you'll be able to arrange them and 

  • Add images

  • Add videos

  • Add text, modify colours & background

Unfortunately, due to Instagram API we're not able to add links, hashtags, tags, or other Instagram features in your Instagram stories at this moment. However we hope this will be implemented in the future. 


After you create the post you'll be able to schedule or publish the post. 

When the time comes you'll automatically receive a notification on your mobile device (download the apps here) to publish the post, then you're redirected to the Instagram account and you'll have to select "Story", like in the GIF below. 

Create your story 👇

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