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Find out how to edit your images in Planable

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With Planable you’re able to tweak, edit and collaborate on images so they’re just right for your posts.

Images can be edited from the composer, or later on after the post’s been saved.

You’ll find the option if you hover over the image, in the top left corner:

From the editor, you have several options to choose from

  • Cropping – crop the image, freely or within a certain ratio. Flip or rotate it any way you need

  • Finetune – adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, temperature, gamma, clarity, and vignette

  • Filter – choose from 13 colorful and black & white filters

  • Annotate – leave comments or suggestions on the image for the creative team

  • Decorate – add text or shapes to your design

  • Sticker – add any other visual and place it anywhere on your image

  • Resize – adjust the width and height of your image

  • Redact – blur parts of the image

You can always undo any edits:

Or revert the image back to the original:

Once you’re happy with the design, click “save” and your image will be updated in the post. You can always go back and make some more edits after it's saved, or even revert the image back to its original version:

Edit your image 👇

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