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Find out how to create, approve and schedule your Facebook Reels in Planable

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The moment we've all been waiting for is here: you can now plan, schedule, and publish Facebook reels with Planable!

First things first, you need to connect your Facebook page to Planable.

Please note that a Reel needs to follow the below rules:

  • Aspect ratio: Reels must have an aspect ratio of 9x16.

  • Resolution: The recommended resolution for Reels is 1080x1920 pixels, but the minimum resolution is 540x960 pixels.

  • Frame rate: Reels must have a frame rate between 24 and 60 frames per second.

  • Duration: Reels must be between 3 and 90 seconds long.

  • File size: Reels must be less than 1GB in size.

  • Video format: Reels must be in a supported video format, such as MP4, MOV, or AVI.

  • Video content: Reels must comply with Facebook's Community Standards

  • You can only publish Reels to Facebook Pages.

  • You can only crosspost Reels to other Facebook Pages.

  • You can only send 10 collaborator invitations per Page per 24 hours.

To create your Reel*, all you need to do is go to your Facebook page and then click the compose button, and go to the dedicated "Reels" tab.

*At the moment, due to API limitations, it's not possible to add music, filter, or other effects available when creating a Reel in the Facebook App.

Keep in mind, when it comes to videos:

  • Vertical videos go in the Reels section (9:16 ratio)

  • Landscape/square videos go in the post section (same place where you create the image posts) (ratio 16:9/1:1)

If you also manage your Instagram page in the same workspace, you can choose to group your Reel (just like you would do with posts) on both Facebook and Instagram using our syncing feature.

Once you're done with your post, reviewed, approved and ready to go, it'll be scheduled and published directly to your Facebook page.

Schedule your first Facebook reel πŸ‘‡

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