If you find yourself posting the same content across different platforms, you can easily group them in Planable. Grouped posts are approved, scheduled, published all at once. No need to go through each one individually. Changes made in the content are also synched! This should keep your calendar and list view clean and enable you to focus on content.

To group posts we have the Sync option that shows up at the top right corner when you create a post and it helps you copy the content across multiple pages at once while also allowing you to customise each of them individually.ย 

When SYNC is ON the content will be duplicated across all the pages selected (two or more).ย 

When SYNC is OFF the content won't be duplicated across all the other pages and you'll be able to customise the content specifically for the page selected.ย 

Once you've created a grouped post, you also have the option to unsync & ungroup.

You can unsync the posts in a group. If you do that, changes will apply only to the post you've modified and will not be duplicated across the whole group. It will allow you to customise a post in exactly the way you want and keep the rest of them untouched.

Second, is the ungrouping - it will allow you to remove a post from the group so that you can schedule / publish it on your own, or do something particular with that post.

Also, when choosing between posts you can switch between the posts of the same group just by clicking on the icon.

Sync your posts ๐Ÿ‘‡

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