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Post status

Find out more about the post status and what it means.

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There are multiple states of a single post and we created publishing status so you can easily see if your posts are scheduled, published, marked as published, saved as a draft, or ad with more clarity over the content and its status. 

The status of a post is given by the social media platform icon on the left side of each post. We'll go over each state of a post in this article.

The post is in draft mode (not scheduled, with or without a date set) – the icon is grey

The post is scheduled, will be published at the selected date & time – colorful clock shade over the icon

The post has been successfully published — the icon is fully colorful

The post can't be scheduled – orange exclamation point on the icon*

*There can be a number of reasons the post can't be scheduled. If you hover over the icon you'll find more details (ex. page is disconnected, content is still processing, content is not valid, mobile app is not installed for Instagram or TikTok posts)

The post failed to publish – red "no entry" sign on the icon*

*You can hover over the icon to get more information as to why the post wasn't published successfully. Reach out to us for more details.

The post has been marked as published (for posts published outside of Planable) – colorful icon marked with a flag

Specifically for Facebook posts, there are two additional options

The post is saved as Draft, sent to Facebook Creator Studio – colorful icon marked with a pencil

The post is saved as a Dark Post, sent to Facebook Ads Manager as a draft – colorful icon marked with a megaphone


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