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How to schedule a post
How to schedule a post

Find out how to schedule a post and schedule settings.

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In Planable you can schedule content to the following platforms - Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Personal Profiles & Company Pages, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google My Business. Find out how to connect a page here.ย 

After you create a post (find out how here) it can be saved as a Draft with or without a date and time. If you select a time you can Schedule it on the spot or choose to Save it.

If you've saved a post without a date and time, when you go back to "select a custom date" you'll have the option to either Schedule or Save a post.

For those posts that are saved with a date and time and not yet scheduled, you have to go to the icon on the left of each post and you can choose to Publish Now, Schedule, or Mark the post as Published.

Also, you can schedule the post in the Calendar View, by selecting one of the available options on the right side of the post - Schedule or Publish now.ย 

An easy way to keep track if a post has been scheduled or not is by the social media icon next to it:

Not scheduled



Auto-schedule approved posts

You can also enable automatic scheduling of approved posts to save time and clicks when managing your social media campaigns. To enable this feature, select "Auto-schedule posts on approve" from the approvals settings. Find out more about this here.ย 

Schedule your first post ๐Ÿ‘‡

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