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Step by step guide to create a post and how to add multiple pages, emoji, image, video, GIF, carousel.

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All the magic happens right here. Creating a post is the core feature of Planable and we created the most simple way for you to preview and see what the content looks like before publishing.

There are many formats available at the moment depending on the social page. 

  • Facebook, you can add text, images, multiple images, URLs, video, carousel, GIF, and tag other pages

  • Twitter, you can add text, images, multiple images, URLs, videos, GIFs, and tag other accounts

  • Linkedin, you can add text, images, URLs, videos, or GIFs

  • Instagram, you can add images, videos, stories, or multiple images. 

To create a post, click on the "Compose" button in the top right corner

Also, you can create a new post by using the "Calendar View".

Afterward, you can start creating a new post. 

When creating a post you'll have the option to choose 

  • Select pages to create, schedule, or publish the post

  • Add an image (drag & drop or upload)

  • Add a GIF

  • Add a video

  • Add a URL link

  • Add a label 

  • Add a time/date 

  • Add an emoji

  • Add hashtags

  • Add targeting settings

  • Tag a page 

  • Hide from your client 

Select pages to create, schedule, or publish the post

When creating a post you can select one page or multiple ones. It will create a separate post for all the selected pages. If you changed your mind and want to deselect a page - please hover on the page and click the "X" button in the right corner of the page, see the screenshot below.

Add an image/video from your computer

You can add an image (or more) or a video by selecting the "Upload images/videos" button, right here: 

Also, you can drag & drop media files to upload one or multiple images like in the GIF below. 

Add a GIF

We’ve teamed up with Giphy to bring GIFs right into your composer, making it easier to find them and dangerously abuse them. Search instantly for a GIF that expresses your brand, without leaving the platform, directly in Planable. 

Add a URL link 

If you're looking to add a link, just copy & paste it when creating a post. Afterward, you can delete it for Facebook & LinkedIn posts. If you want to add a URL link for Twitter you'll have to keep the link in the post.

Add a label

You can organize your posts with labels. With our labels, you can categorize your posts in a breeze. A single post can have multiple labels and can be filtered by whatever strikes your fancy – sales, product updates, promotion, you name it! You can add one or multiple labels in one post. 

Add time & date

By clicking on the clock in the left bottom corner you can select a time & date to schedule your post. Attention, your post won't be published unless you click the schedule button. All the posts created in Planable are initially saved as a draft. 

Add an emoji 😍

We know emojis make your social media fun and more engaging. You can add easily all kinds of emojis in a couple of clicks – type it, find your favorite one, search by keyword, or select by category. We even have codes for the more advanced emoji lovers (check the cheat sheet here). Awesome, huh? 

Add a hashtag

You can add a hashtag that you will see with a different color compared to the rest of the post. 

Add targeting settings 

For Facebook only, you can limit the audience of your posts by selected interests, age, location, and language.

Tag a page

You can tag other Pages on Facebook and Twitter Accounts. You can tag a page by typing "@pagename" (exactly as it is on Facebook), our system will search through all the pages and find yours. Unfortunately, due to Facebook API restrictions, we're unable to tag Facebook Profiles. 

Twitter. It's exactly the same workflow for Twitter, type @[account name] and it will appear in a list below, here's a quick GIF to show you how it works. 

Hide from clients

After adding your workspace users as Client and Team you can hide/unhide posts from your Clients, by clicking the eye icon. 

Create a carousel

Create, plan and preview your Facebook Carousels right in Planable. After adding a link to the post, you can upload one or more images to create a carousel.

Create Instagram Stories

Also, in the composer window, you can create Instagram stories directly in the Planable app. All you need to do is select the Instagram page, then "Story". 

When creating a story you'll be able to arrange them and 

  • Add images

  • Add videos

  • Add text, modify colours & background

Find out more in our detailed guide on Instagram Stories

Create your first post 👇

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