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How to add locations to your posts
How to add locations to your posts

Learn how to add locations to your Instagram and Facebook posts in Planable

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Grow your community and boost your engagement by adding locations to your Instagram and Facebook posts.

When creating a post, you’ll find the “location” icon next to the emojis or targeting option.

Simply click on it and start typing the location you want to add. Once the right suggestion shows up, make sure to select it and click submit. Choose from any location that has a dedicated page.

You can also edit a post and add the location later on.

Look for the location icon on your saved or scheduled post and hover over it for the details.

Couple of things to keep in mind:


  • Posts that are directly published through Planable are published automatically with the location tag

  • For posts that are manually published, the location has to be manually selected from the Instagram app


  • Locations are only supported for image posts

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