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Adding a first comment
Adding a first comment

Find out how to create, edit and schedule a first comment for your Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook posts

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Keep your captions short and engaging or maximize reach with the first comment feature. Tag other accounts, add any external links or relevant hashtags.

In Planable you can add a first comment for the following platforms:

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

When creating a post you'll see the option marked with a "comment" icon:

The first comment can include any text, links, tags, or hashtags within the following limits:

# of characters

#of mentions

# of hashtags




30 (including # in caption)









After you fill in the first comment, it will be published together with your post at the scheduled time.

You can always edit the first comment, remove it, or add it to a post you've already created. If you accidentally removed a first comment you can always recover it by clicking the "Include the first comment" button.

If you had previously connected a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram page (before this feature was available), make sure to reconnect your account before scheduling a post with a first comment.

Try adding the first comment to your posts👇

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