Keep your Instagram captions short and engaging and add all relevant hashtags in your post's first comment.

For all Instagram accounts that have direct publishing enabled, you can plan, preview, and publish the first comment together with your post.

When creating a post you'll see the option marked with a "comment" icon:

The first time you want to add the first comment to one of your Instagram posts, you'll be asked to re-authorize your account in order to give Planable access to manage comments:

When the Facebook pop-up opens, make sure to select all the pages you manage, in all workspaces, and select "Yes" for managing comments for the Instagram accounts you give access to:

Now you're ready to plan and schedule Instagram posts with their first comment.

You can always edit the first comment, remove it, or add it to a post you've already created. If you accidentally removed a first comment you can always recover it by clicking the "Include the first comment" button.

Try adding the first comment on your Instagram posts👇

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