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Find out how to reconnect your pages if the page lost it's connection

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Sometimes, a social account may disconnect - it happens due to the limitations of the Facebook API, Twitter API, and LinkedIn API. There are several reasons why your access token has expired, such as

  • password change

  • login details 

  • app settings changes 

Also, LinkedIn requires you to re-authenticate your accounts once in two months. There's nothing we can do about it and we can't influence this process in any way. 

You can fix this by clicking the "Connect / Reconnect" button. Before that, make sure you are currently logged in to the account / or have access to the page you are trying to reconnect.

Facebook & LinkedIn Pages require an Admin access level to be able to reconnect pages successfully. 

Option 1: Error when scheduling & publishing a post

If you've received an error when scheduling or publishing a post, please go to "Page Settings" on the cover photo, and then click "Connect" or "Reconnect". 

If this didn't help, please perform the instructions below. Also, if you can't see all the pages you manage in the connecting pages window on Planable, use the solution below. 

Option 2: Hard Reset

When authenticating your Facebook account with Planable, we will ask a set of permissions from you. You will have a choice either to grant or revoke some permissions:

If you revoke any of the permissions Planable will not be able to connect with Facebook and some of its features will not work.

Sometimes, the access token to Facebook might expire and you'll need to reset Planable from Business Integrations, here's how:

  1. Go to your Facebook business integrations:

  2. Search Planable app in the list.

  3. Click Remove business integration.

4. Authenticate again your Facebook account in Planable and grant access.

5. Make sure to grant access to all pages (this is very important) that you manage with Planable, otherwise we will not be able to publish posts on your behalf.

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