You can import posts in bulk using a CSV file.

New to Planable? Save time and upload multiple posts at once with copy, media, and date & time. You'll find this option in the menu next to "Filter & sort":

We support CSV files (comma separated values) that have a predefined format. You can download a sample file to see how to properly arrange your content before uploading it in Planable.

Keep in mind:

  • CSV file needs to be under 1 MB.

  • CSV file needs to have no more than 400 rows.

  • Only text posts, single image, link thumbnails, and videos are supported.

  • If you want to add a date and time to the posts it needs to follow this format: YYYY-MM-DD and GMT 0 (it will automatically be converted to your workspace's time zone)

Before you upload the CSV, make sure you're on the page you want to import the content to. If it's just one page, you can go to the feed view and select it. You can also select multiple pages from the calendar or list view and upload them as grouped posts.

Once the CSV is uploaded, you’ll be able to see all your imported posts in your workspace. Imported assets are also automatically added to the Media Library. To correctly import the assets along with posts make sure the Attachment column contains a link to the file that is available for direct download (link from a website like WordPress, or sites like Imgur through which you can create downloadable links).

Drop or select your CSV from your computer and the posts will be imported in a matter of seconds.

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