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Canva integration

How does the Planable - Canva integration work

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Our Canva integration allows you to export content from Canva directly into your Planable workspace, as well as import your assets from Planable's media library, to your Canva workspace.

How to set up your integration

Log in to your Canva account and go to the Planable app.

Choose between "Use in existing design" and "Use in new design" and then click on "Connect" Planable to Canva.

Once you've done this and accepted the connection, the Planable app will show up on the left-side menu in your Canva workspace. You'll see the options to export to any of the Planable workspaces you have access to or import media directly from Planable. You can see the whole process below:

Exporting media from Canva to Planable

Once you've integrated Planable into your Canva app you'll see it on the left-side menu, at the bottom. You'll be able to export files directly to your workspace.If you have access to multiple workspaces, you can select in which one it should go to.

After exporting, the file will show up in your Media Library, and you'll be able to use it in your posts. You'll see the exported posts marked with a small Canva logo.

Importing media from Planable to Canva

With this integration, you're also able to see the files from Planable in Canva and import them for editing.

To do this, go to your Canva app, select the "Import" option and you'll see all of your Planable workspaces. Select the one you need and all the files from the Media Library will be available in Canva for you to use.

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