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Find out how to manage the list view, duplicate posts and schedule in bulk

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You have 4 types of viewing modes in your workspace:

The list view is a place to help you manage your content easier & faster. It's where you get a quick preview of posts across all your pages and can do bulk actions for multiple posts at a time.

In this view, you'll see a snippet of the caption, the file type, status of the posts, author, labels, page, and date & time selected. 

Choose the pages you want to see posts from and on the left select what posts you want to act on. At the bottom a menu will appear where you can choose to:

  • Copy to other pages or workspaces

  • Approve

  • Schedule / unschedule 

  • Hide / unhide 

  • Add labels 

  • Archive/Restore posts

  • Publish now

  • Mark as published

*The list view is available for you on the Free and Enterprise plan.

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