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Planable wants to help you with staying up-to-date. Our notifications feature will let you know what happened in your workspaces almost instantly.

You can now view all your approval requests, comments, tags, and reconnects in one place, the Notifications Mini Inbox

To access the notifications section click the bell icon from your dashboard or within your workspace.

You will notice there are 3 tabs: Approvals, Feedback, and Updates.

On the Approvals tab you can see all the notifications regarding post approvals, including approval requests and approvals that were done.

The Feedback tab will show you any comments, tags and suggestions left on the posts that you created.

In the "Updates" section, you will see a list of all recent changes or notifications related to content publishing.

On any tab that you access you can see if you have any pages that need to be reconnected and you can do so directly from the dropdown displayed here.

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