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Do you have a free plan?

All the answers about our Free plan.

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Yes, we do have a free plan to get you started and familiar with Planable.

For how long can I use the Free plan?

Our Free plan has no time limits whatsoever. You can stay on it for as long as you please. It doesn’t require your credit card details.

What limits does the Free plan have?

In the Free plan, you can create as many workspaces as you want and add as many users as you need.

Users in the Free plan have access to all the features in Planable as well. That also includes enterprise-only features such as Multi-level Approvals.

You can create up to 50 total posts in the free plan. The limit is record-based and does not reset periodically or if you delete posts. Once a post has been created, it will count towards the total limit.

How do you count posts in a group?

If you have a group of posts, each post counts towards the limit. For example, if you’re creating a post for Facebook and choose to duplicate it across Twitter and Linkedin, you’ll have 3 posts in that group counting towards the limit.

Can I reset my post count?

The 50 post limit can’t be reset. Any post you create will count towards that total limit. Archiving or deleting these posts will not remove them from the total posts as they are still posts you have created.

What happens when I reach 50 posts?

Once you reach the limit of 50 posts, you can build your own plan based on the features you’d like to continue using, and the number of workspaces and users you need.

We offer the following plans:

Basic — 1 workspace included, each user costs 13$/month or 130$/year (amounting to $11/month).

Pro — 1 workspace included, each user costs 26$/month or 260$/year (amounting to $22/month)

Enterprise – plans start from $200 / month

For our Basic and Pro plans, you can add extra workspaces for $20/workspace/month or $200/workspace/year.

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Can I downgrade to the Free plan?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. The Free plan has a hard limit of 50 created posts. Since paying customers have already created more than 50 posts historically, the Free plan’s limits are already exceeded.

If you signed up for Planable and your trial has expired, you’ve been automatically migrated to the free plan.

If your free trial is still active and you’d prefer the free plan, please get in touch.

If you need more workspace or team members, you can upgrade to our next plan or contact our team for a custom plan.

Start testing Planable with our free plan 👇

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