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Keep all your workspace creatives in one place for easy reuse.

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You can keep all your brand creatives in your workspace Media Library. Simply drag & drop your files in the Media library and then you (or team members) can later use the assets in posts.

You can store images, gifs, and videos. Uploaded files in posts are automatically copied to the media library.

Media Library can be accessed only by editors, admins, and workspace owners.

You can also easily preview your files and see in how many posts they have been used. Click on the zoom icon or double-click on any asset to open the preview.

You can see how much storage you have left, as well as these file-specific details:

  • Image/video aspect ratio

  • File title (and the option to change it)

  • The number of posts the asset is used in

With this latest revamp, you can keep things clean and neatly organized by opting for one of 4 different ways to view Media Library assets:

  • All media

  • Used media

  • Unused media

  • Deleted media

If you need to free up some storage space, you can do so by simply selecting all the files at once and deleting them.

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