Use our "Filter & Sort" option to easily organize your content any way you want by different settings and criteria.


Select posts by their status in the workspace. Multiple options are available to choose which posts to view and start planning and editing them:

  • New Posts

  • Approved

  • Scheduled

  • Published

  • With feedback

  • With publishing errors

  • Imported

  • Archived

Some examples of how you can optimize your workflow by using these filters

  • Select only "New posts" to instantly give feedback, discuss the posts, approve them or select a date & time

  • Implement feedback on the "With feedback" posts, where you can debate the changes with your teammates or clients

  • Take a last look at the "Approved" posts before scheduling them to social media platforms

  • Deselect "Published" to save visual space in your workspace and see only the posts that still need reviewing.


Use the next filter to see the posts on your dashboard with a date&time for a specific period. Here are the options you can choose from:

  • All period

  • Today

  • Next week

  • This Month

  • Last Month

  • Next Month

If you want to cancel the selection, click the small "x". Also, you can choose to hide all posts without a date.

Sort posts

You can also choose how to sort posts either by their scheduled time or when you created them:

  • First Scheduled

  • Last Scheduled

  • First Created

  • Last Created

BONUS tip: To see posts just as they'll appear on your feed once published, select "Last scheduled"

Content visibility

Decide if you want to see posts visible to all members in your workspace, or those available only for team members.

Select "Team only" to see all posts that the client will need to review once you unhide them.


Lastly, filter posts by the labels you've added. See all posts labeled for a specific brand, campaign, or promotion.

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