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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication
Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Find out how you can enable Two-Factor Authentication for your Planable account

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In Planable you have the option to enable Two-Factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security ensuring everything in Planable is safe.

To enable this feature, you have to go to your personal profile settings.

If you’re logged in with Google or Facebook, you can use their own Two-Factor authentication.

However, for email and password, you can use 2FA through an authentication app or your email.

For an authentication app, you’ll have to scan a QR code and receive a verification code available for 30 seconds. If you have trouble with the code click on “Try this instead” and you’ll receive a special code to introduce manually in the authentication app.

If you choose email for 2FA, you’ll receive your code there. To select this option, make sure your address is verified. If it’s not, you’ll find the option to do so on the spot.

You can always come back and disable it or switch between the two options.

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