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Elevate Your Agency's Social Media Management with Planable Analytics

We're thrilled to introduce Planable Analytics, a robust tool designed specifically for social media agencies managing multiple client accounts. Gain a unified perspective on content performance, integrating vital metrics into one accessible dashboard.

Availability of Analytics

Planable Analytics is now available for Facebook pages, Instagram professional accounts, LinkedIn company pages, and TikTok Business accounts. To get started, ensure you have an active paid subscription, then navigate to the 'Views' tab and select 'Analytics view'.

Platform-Specific Insights

Our service provides detailed analytics for major platforms:

Facebook: Track followers, post counts, impressions, engagement, and page views.

Instagram: Monitor followers, reach, impressions, engagement, and profile visits.

LinkedIn: View follower growth, posts, impressions, engagement, and page views.

TikTok: Keep tabs on followers, video views, profile views, and engagement.

Customizable Time Frame

Adjust the analytics timeframe easily from the dropdown menu to tailor insights to your campaign durations.

Top Performing Content

Identify your top 3 posts based on impressions or engagement directly from the 'Top Performing Content' tab.

Content Overview

The 'Content' tab offers a holistic view of your posts. Evaluate performance across metrics to refine strategies and maximize impact.

Detailed Post Insights

A simple click on any post provides a detailed breakdown of its performance metrics, helping you make informed decisions.


You can download a report to provide to your customers by just clicking on the Report button, select the time frame and assign it a name and click on preview.

After that, you can download it yourself or share a direct link that will allow anyone with the link to view and download the report.


Planable Analytics is available as an add-on for your workspaces. Pricing is set at $9 USD per workspace per month or $90 USD per workspace per year.

Planable Analytics is tailored to streamline your social media operations, offering real-time insights for dynamic content strategy and enhanced client satisfaction.

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