Forget folders, drives, messy files, and endless email threads. Group people, social media accounts, and content calendars into separate workspaces and see how managing multiple brands becomes simpler.

A workspace is a collaborative place for your brands social media content. Where you can create, review, collaborate, publish posts and keep everyone in the flow. 

One workspaces may be used for one brand, company or client. If you have 3 clients, it means that you need 3 workspaces. 

You can add as many pages as you want in one workspace. We typically recommend adding up to 7 or 8 pages in one workspace to enjoy the highest performance in Planable. 

Create a workspace 

You can create a workspace by clicking on the arrow next to the workspace name, then select "Create a workspace" in the Dashboard.

Workspace settings

You can access workspace settings by clicking on the arrow next to the workspace name. 

And then select "Workspace settings". 

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