Change workspace settings

Find out how to change workspace settings, create labels, adjust timetable, change approval workspace, change timezone and name

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You can access workspace settings by clicking on the arrow next to the workspace name. 

And then select "Workspace settings". 

Now you have the options to modify:


We know how frustrating it can be for frequent publishers with a weekly schedule to pick a date and time for each individual post 👎. Take a minute to set up your workspace timetable and stay on top of the weekly schedule, like a champ. 

To get started just click on "Configure timetable" in your workspace settings.


You can organize your posts with labels. With our labels, you can categorize your posts in a breeze. A single post can have multiple labels and can be filtered by whatever strikes your fancy – sales, product updates, promotion, you name it! 

Workspace name & Workspace timezone

You can change the workspace name & time zone directly in the settings. By default, your time zone is set up by the browser automatically. 

Change your workspace settings 👇

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