With clear one-click approvals, you know for sure when a post is good to go. You can see who approved the posts and when to keep the workflow transparent and efficient. Eliminate those endless email threads and never lose track of important feedback.

You can get posts approved by having at least one team member with the "Approve" permissions in the Manager Permissions section. Find out here how to assign users as Approvers. 

You can also customise your approval workflow. 

You can set required approvals on your workspace and make sure only approved posts from designated people will go live. To turn this feature on, please visit your workspace settings menu and click Enable. 

Only people with Approve permission will be able to approve posts and only one approver is sufficient for a post to be considered approved. 

After you activate the the option for "Required post approvals" you'll be able to see it when scheduling a post. 

You can also enable automatic scheduling of approved posts to save time and clicks when managing your social media campaigns.

If you've ever approved a post by mistake you can easily unapprove it just by clicking on the post one more time. Be aware, you need the approve permissions in the workspace. 

Clients do not receive a message or email when content is ready to be approved. After you finished creating content, message them or tag them in the comments section to let them know that they have content to be approved.

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