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How to create and customize Facebook Link Ads

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With Planable you can create and plan multiple Facebook post formats including Facebook Link Ads.

Edit and re-edit them until you have the perfect combination of title, description and CTA.

Here’s everything you can do:

  • Add CTAs for your Facebook thumbnails

  • Change the meta titles and descriptions. For any websites, not just your own.

  • Post organically or send to Facebook Ads Manager (where you can add targeting, budgets, and everything else ads).

The best part is that it's super easy to do. Simply hover over your Facebook posts that have a link thumbnail and select the desired call to action or change the titles and description.

When you're done, you can publish them organically or send them as drafts to your Facebook Ads Manager.

Once you’ve saved them as a draft, go to Ads Manager, click on the top left corner on business tools (right below the “home”icon), and select Page Posts.

Click on it and you’ll find your post in “Ad Posts”. Select it, click on Actions at the top of the page and hit create ads:

Try sending to Facebook Ads Manager 👇

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