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How can I publish TikToks
How can I publish TikToks
Find out all the ways in which you can publish TikToks to your account
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There are 3 ways in which you can publish TikToks in Planable. In this article, we'll explore each option.

Publishing type

Account type

Video length


Edit on TikTok

Directly to TikTok feed


max 1 min.

150 ch.


Through TikTok inbox

All types

max 1 min.



Planable Mobile app

All types

max 10 min.

2200 ch.


You can choose how you want TikToks to be published from your page settings. Each TikTok page can have its own publishing process:

Keep in mind all videos need to respect these size requirements: 720 x 1280 px, or higher, and a 9:16 ratio

Now let's dive into each publishing option:

Directly to TikTok feed

This option allows you to schedule content and have it published automatically to your TikTok feed (just like on all other platforms).

It's best if you have the video fully edited and ready to be scheduled without any editing in the TikTok app. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • You need a TikTok business account (here's how to easily switch account types)

  • Videos need to be up to 1 minute long

  • The caption has a limit of 150 characters

  • You won't be able to edit the video using TikTok music/effects

After creating your TikTok post in Planable all you need to do is schedule or publish it on the spot. The video will appear in your TikTok feed.

Publishing through TikTok inbox

This option sends your videos directly to your TikTok inbox and doesn't require the Planable mobile app. It's best if you want to use TikTok's music library or do any last-minute edits from the platform itself.

  • You can publish on any type of TikTok account

  • Videos need to be up to 1 minute long

  • Yout caption won't be copied to TikTok's inbox

  • You can edit the videos in TikTok before publishing

After creating your content in Planable you'll schedule or publish them as needed. When it's publishing time, the TikTok video is sent to your TikTok account. You'll receive a notification and will find them under "System notifications" in the inbox section. Once you open the notification, you'll see the video and be able to make any future edits and publish it straight from the TikTok app.

Publishing through Planable mobile app

Publishing TikToks through our mobile app works the same as it does for Instagram stories or Reels (if you select this option). This is ideal if you publish longer videos on TikTok.

  • You can publish on any type of TikTok account

  • Videos need to be up to 10 minutes long

  • The caption has a limit of 2200 characters

  • You can edit the videos in TikTok before publishing

First, you need to make sure you download the Planable mobile app & enable push notifications. When it's publishing time, you'll receive a notification on your Planable mobile app. Once you tap it, you'll be taken to the TikTok app where the video will be imported and the caption copied. From there you can make any edits, paste the caption and publish your video.

You can choose which user should receive publishing notifications on their Planable mobile app. Only one user can be selected to receive them.

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