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Planning your monthly calendar
Planning your monthly calendar
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Planning Your Monthly Calendar

A well-structured monthly calendar is pivotal for agencies to keep track of content across all client accounts and platforms. Planable simplifies this with a comprehensive suite of features designed for ease of use and collaboration. Here's how to make the most out of it:

Understanding the Calendar View

Planable’s Calendar View offers a bird's-eye view of your entire content schedule, making it easy to plan and visualize content distribution over the month.

Navigating the Calendar: Access the Calendar View from your dashboard to see all scheduled and pending posts. You can switch views (week, month) to suit your planning needs.

Adding Content to Your Calendar

Adding and scheduling content is straightforward with Planable. Here’s a step-by-step guide

Multi-Platform Scheduling: Take advantage of Planable’s ability to schedule content across multiple platforms from a single interface, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Content Themes and Campaigns: Use Planable to plan out content themes or campaigns in advance, ensuring a cohesive content strategy that supports your marketing objectives.


Incorporating Planable into your agency’s monthly planning process can transform how you create, collaborate, and publish content. By leveraging Planable's comprehensive features—from the intuitive Calendar View to advanced collaboration tools—agencies can streamline their content planning and execution, ensuring strategic alignment and operational efficiency. Remember, the Planable team is always ready to support your agency with resources and guidance to make the most of your content planning journey.

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