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What is Reach:

According to Instagram's API documentation, reach refers to the total number of unique views of a Business User's media, which includes posts, stories, Reels, and promoted content. This measurement includes views from ads made through the API, Facebook's ad platform, and Instagram's Promote feature.

Why might the reach metrics we provide differ from those on Instagram?

Our approach to calculating reach involves summing up 24-hour segments to derive a total reach for a specified period, such as the last 30 days. We refer to this as daily reach. This method allows us to identify if the same viewer engages with your content multiple times within the same day, but doesn't track that viewer's interactions from one day to the next. In contrast, Instagram counts a viewer only once for the entire 30-day period, regardless of multiple daily interactions.

Our data on reach and impressions is transmitted from the Pacific Standard Time zone

We adjust this data to match your local timezone when presenting your analytics. This alignment can lead to minor variances

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