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Edit post settings

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You'll find 3 dots in the top right corner of the post that will help you with multiple post settings.

  • Manage labels, you can organize your posts with labels. With our labels, you can categorize your posts in a breeze.

  • Repost, you can repost existing posts that have been published, scheduled, or saved, the composer will open with the content from the post you selected.

  • Hide from clients, after adding your workspace users as Client and Team you can hide/unhide posts from your Clients.

  • The preferred audience, choose the preferred audience for this post and create a post for multiple languages

  • Mark as Published in the options menu, will not make your post go live, but will only change the status of the post as Published in Planable. It will help you filter the posts easier in your workspace if you're using alternative tools to schedule/publish posts, for example, native Facebook Publishing.Β 

  • Save as Ad, this will save the post to Facebook as unpublished (also known as a dark post), it can be used for ads and it will be visible in Facebook Ads Manager. Find out more here.

  • Save as Draft for Facebook, this will save the post to Facebook as a Draft, it can be later scheduled/published on Facebook.

Unfortunately, adding checking & location tags for Facebook is not available due to Facebook API limitations at this moment.Β 

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