When it comes to sizes and length it really depends a lot from one platform to another one:

  • Instagram 100mb, 60sec 

  • Facebook 1GB, min 3 seconds and max 20min, recommended 9:16 and 16:9,

  • Twitter 256mb, and 120 sec 

  • LinkedIn 210 mb, and max 20 min

We support all types of video formats. Simply drag and drop your video file in the composer or on a new post. We will take care to make the necessary adjustments and optimizations, and display it properly for your platforms. Additionally, if the video is longer than expected you can easily trim it. 

When video is longer than expected you'll be able to trim it in Planable directly, without using any other digital tools. Just select the trim tool in the left top corner after you've uploaded the video. 

If your video is not processing or is failing to upload, please contact our team using Intercom (green icon, right bottom corner) and share us the video file & link to the Planable post. 

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