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Invite collaborators with a link
Invite collaborators with a link

Invite new collaborators or clients via a special link

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If you need to invite many people to a workspace, instead of inviting many people one at a time, you can create a link that will grant access (at the specified permission level and membership) to anyone who opens the link.

Note: You will need to have at least administrator permission in the workspace in order to create an invite linkโ€”if you are an editor, approver, or guest, you cannot create an invite link.

To create the invite link, open up the manage people dialog. You can do this either from the dashboard or from within the workspace you wish to share.


To delete an invite link, click the X to the right of the invite link. Deleting the invite link will deactivate it, and anyone who attempts to use the old link will not be able to get access to the workspace.

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