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Mockup pages

Find out how to create mockup pages in Planable

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In Planable you can create a custom page for any of the 8 platforms we support, without having to connect an account.

You can use mockup pages for testing, presentations, or just to get the look and feel of Planable without the ability to publish.

Simply go into your workspace to “Add pages”, select the platform you want, and click on “Create a mockup page”:

You’ll be able to personalize the following details, depending on each platform:

  • Page Name

  • Username

  • Profile Image

  • Cover photo

  • Page Description

  • Location

Once all the details are set, you can start creating and collaborating on your content.

If you decide you also want to publish content created on your mockup page, you can simply connect it to a real account. You'll find this option in your page's settings:

Create your Mockup page👇

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