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How to manage your Pinterest content in Planable
How to manage your Pinterest content in Planable

Find out all you need to know about connecting your page, creating and publishing Pinterest content in Planable

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In Planable, you can plan, collaborate on, schedule, and publish your content for Pinterest business pages.

Here are all the steps to connect your Pinterest accounts & start managing your content in Planable

Connect your pages

To add your account, click on “Add Pages”, go to Pinterest, and log in with the account you manage. Due to API limitations, only Pinterest business pages are supported — personal profiles can not be connected. You can learn how to switch your profile to a business page here.

You can also create a mockup page of a Pinterest account, and connect the actual page later on.

Creating posts

To create a post, click on the compose button at the top right corner. You can add the following details:

  • a destination link (where your post can lead users)

  • a title: 100 characters max

  • description: 500 characters max

  • the board it should be added to (your boards will be shown in Planable for you to choose from)

  • images (from 1 to 5)

  • alt text for your images

  • video (supported only for the countries that Pinterest offered access to)

Collaboration & approval

Like with all content in Planable, you can easily review, give feedback and approve posts. You'll find the comment section on the right side of each post and the approval button on the left.

Scheduling & publishing posts

For your post to be scheduled, you need to make sure it:

  • has an image or a video

  • you've selected a board

If you miss one of the steps, you'll see an orange exclamation point indicating what needs to be changed. If you hover over it, you'll get more details:

As soon as your post has all the elements, you can schedule and publish it on the date you want.

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