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Recycled or Recurring posts
Recycled or Recurring posts

Find out how you can easily recycle and schedule recurring content in a preset sequence

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Our Recycling feature allows you to have the same posts published several times in a row, on a schedule you choose. Whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly.

When creating a post*, go to the time selector and click “Recycle post”. Choose at what time, how often, and how many times you’d like the post to repeat.

No worries, you’ll still be able to edit each recurring post individually if you need to make certain tweaks (ex. a countdown until an event or launch).

When you’re done, you can save or schedule (depending on the approval settings you have). Once created, each action such as approving, scheduling, or archiving can be applied to each post individually or the entire sequence.

If you ever want to have a quick overview of all recurring posts in a sequence, simply hover over the social media icon and select “See all recycled posts”. You’ll be able to see at a glance which posts have been saved, scheduled, or already published.

*Only available when creating a post on one platform at a time. Not supported for grouped posts

Schedule your first recycled post👇

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