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My instagram videos appear dull, blurry or with colour differences
My instagram videos appear dull, blurry or with colour differences
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If your Instagram videos aappear dull, blurry do not play when published, it's likely your video is in HDR format.

While Instagram supports a wide range of video formats and quality settings, High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos are not publishing correctly due to an Instagram bug.

When attempting to upload HDR videos to Instagram, the platform's compression algorithms will try to convert them to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) but fails to do so. Many other social networks display HDR correctly, so Gain maintains HDR for all your videos.

We recommend you convert your videos from HDR to SDR or configure your device to capture SDR videos.

How to configure your iOS Device to Capture SDR Videos

If you wish to share videos on Instagram without encountering compatibility issues, you can configure your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to capture SDR videos instead of HDR. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Settings" app on your iOS device.

  2. Scroll down and tap on "Camera."

  3. Under the "Record Video" section, select "Formats."

  4. Choose "High Efficiency" if it's not already selected.

  5. Toggle off the "HDR Video" option.

  6. Exit the Settings app.

By disabling the HDR video option, your iOS device will capture videos in the SDR format, ensuring compatibility when you upload them to Instagram.

How to configure your Android Device to Capture SDR Videos

Due to the fact that the Android OS is present on a variety of models and manufacturers, we could not tell you exactly how to make sure that your device records videos in SDR format and you will have to check with the camera settings for the option to turn HDR off.

Convert HDR to SDR Videos

IF you already shoot your videos in HDR format, here are some tools that can help you convert them into SDR videos:

Publish your videos πŸ‘‡

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